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    Mobile Apps & Progessive App Technology™ For All Businesses

    The Phone App Company® was created with your businesses in mind. We can help businesses grow with our affordable mobile app system! Call Now To Start GROWING Your Business. Toll-Free (855) 248-6272

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  • Editable CMS

    Simple To Manage Your App's Content

    Need to edit content in your app? Not an issue. Log in to your account at The Phone App Company®, make the change and save it and your mobile app is updated instantly. Call Now To Start GROWING Your Business. Toll-Free (855) 248-6272

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  • Totally Affordable

    Custom Mobile App & Packed With Features!

    We will create a complete mobile suite for your small business for less than the price of month of marketing a website. Global distribution through iTunes and Google Play couldn't be easier! Call Now To Start GROWING Your Business. Toll-Free (855) 248-6272

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  • iPhone, iPad, Android Apps Packages Available

    $3000 & $5000* ONE TIME DESIGN FEEplus $99.99 monthly hosting ALL FEATURES INCLUDED* Read more →
  • All Mobile App Packages You control

  • Progressive App Technology™

    FREE XTRA With Design Package
    NO APP STORE NEEDED! Read more →

Live Preview Online

You are able to preview your apps as we build them either online or from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

So Incredibly Easy

Our content manage system is so easy to use that it allows you to edit your apps without any programming knowlege needed.

Apps & Mobisites

The Phone App Company® designs and creates native apps for iPhone, iPad, & Android, and mobile websites.

Everything Is Editable

Customize all content inside your mobile apps by logging into your Client App Portal.

Welcome to The Phone App Company®. We provide the easiest way for businesses to create Mobile Apps! Call Now To Start GROWING Your Business. Toll-Free (855) 248-6272

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Just A Few Of The Business Types We Serve:

Over 100,000 Businesses Trust The Phone App Company® Worldwide

The Phone App Company® is making mobile apps simple and affordable for any small business.

We're a custom iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5 app platform that allows any business to own, edit, and manage their mobile apps online without any geeky programming knowledge needed.

Why Choose Us

  • We are the #1 mobile app platform available
  • We build your beautiful mobile apps
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • One low price covers design suite!
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